The Voodoo Doll Tee

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There are piles of things in life we have a say in but there's another pile of stuff that we have no control over. So do what you can, roll with the rest and for goodness sake, rock cute t-shirts while ya do it!

Since my song was born, I've been saying he takes it as it comes. A million strange things happen to a baby in a day (because everything is new and strange!) but he maintains this look of low-level bewilderment no matter how hectic or outrageous his surrounds. I don't advise taking many lessons from babies because that would almost certainly doom you to live life as a social pariah, but takin' it as it comes is one thing babies do pretty well. I hope whoever has your voodoo doll sticks it with ice cream cones and flowers but if the needles come out, maybe this tee will help you get through that crappy day. xx Beanie

  • designed and screenprinted in Melbourne, Australia
  • printed on a heavenly women's pale blue 100% cotton tee
  • pre-shrunk for your peace of mind
  • check out the size chart:


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