The Pickle Tee

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Go about your day wearing this shirt and you'll be surprised how many fellow pickle enthusiasts come out of the woodwork to compliment you on it.

I designed my first pickle product during the first trimester of my second pregnancy. It was a pickle-filled time for me. While I'd always had a jar of pickles in my fridge, that life stage saw me upgrading from small jar to bulk-sized jar. Understandably, I talked about pickles often during this time, too. And as it turns out, I'd been surrounded by passionate pickle-eaters without even realising it. That first product was a greeting card and while it was extremely well-received, it wasn't enough. I want to wear my pickle pride and I want you to be able to wear it, too. I hope you have fun wearing it! xx Beanie

  • designed and screenprinted in Melbourne, Australia
  • printed on a kickass women's forest green 100% cotton tee
  • pre-shrunk for your peace of mind
  • check out the size chart:


SPECIAL: Get two tees for $80!
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