The Love Tee

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First, they'll think you've been to a famous mountain and got the tee to prove it. But when they look closer (and they will look closer!), they'll realise you're just telling it like it is in the most stylish way possible.

Admittedly, I've never tried to move a mountain with love. But I'm a believer in science and based on the surface-scratching knowledge of physics I attained during one semester of the subject in Grade 12, I can safely say it's simply not possible. I first came up with this phrase for a card and when I started designing this first l'il range of tees, knew I wanted it on a garment. It marries three of my all-time favourite things: red t-shirts, vintage state park tees and a bit of cheek. Now go forth and spread your scientific truths! xx Beanie

  • designed and screenprinted in Melbourne, Australia
  • printed on a killer women's red 100% cotton tee
  • pre-shrunk for your peace of mind
  • check out the size chart:


SPECIAL: Get two tees for $80!
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