Quick Creepy Halloween Cake Stand with Doll Arms and Legs

To make this creepy DIY Halloween cake stand, you will have to dismember a baby doll.

But Halloween is the one time of year that you can do creepy things without judgement! 

Creepy cakes, creepy crafts, creepy costumes, all kinds of creepy behaviour! A few years ago on Halloween, I went to the grocery store with plastic cockroaches glued all over my face! Another year, I went to the mall with a gory bullet wound right between my eyes. THAT is the sort of thing you can get away with on Halloween. 

This quick and easy creepy cake stand will take your Halloween treat table to dark places. And that's a good thing!

DIY Creepy Halloween Cake Stand Supplies

  • 2 doll arms
  • 2 doll legs
  • tray or plate large enough to hold a cake (I found this metal tray at the thrift store)
  • hot glue gun
  • sharp serrated knife

DIY Creepy Halloween Cake Stand Instructions

1. Heat up your hot glue gun

2. If the doll arms and legs are still on your doll, go ahead and detach them

3. Use your serrated knife to trim them from the severed side so that all of them are equal lengths

4. Turn your tray or plate upside-down and place the arms and legs around the edge

5. Grab the first arm or leg and squeeze a generous amount of hot glue around the top of it then quickly stick it onto the tray/plate

6. Repeat with the other three severed appendages

7. You're done - that was quick!

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