Good Eggs Only DIY Easter Banner

Wanting to have good eggs around is truly a year-round thing, but it becomes especially important and relevant around Easter time. 

Whether you're throwing a party or want to give your walls to festive personality, the GOOD EGGS ONLY banner will do the trick. It's quick, easy and very cute!

Get the full instructions and all the patterns here:

Things by Bean Good Eggs Only Banner

Good Eggs Only Banner

what you need:

-3-4 sheets of felt in 4 different colours

-150cm string



-hot glue gun


-cut out the letters from the patterns on pages 2 and 3

-olace letters on the felt and trace around them with the pen or pencil (please

note, you'll need to use some letter patterns more than once to spell the whole


-when all of your letters are traced, cut them out

-with the felt scraps, cut out 13 small 1x4cm strips(they will be the loops

to string the letters onto the string) AND three tiny .5x1cm strips in the

same colours as your G letters (they'll keep the Gs together so they don't sag

as they hang)

-heat up your hot glue gun and when it's hot, glue one end of the first 1x4cm

strip to the front of your first letter and glue the other end to the back,

creating a loop at the top of the letter

-repeat with the rest of the letters, using two for the letter N

-Turn your Gs over and glue the tiny .5x1cm strip like this:

-slide pennants onto the string and hang it up!

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