Gift Wrapping Idea: Make a Card Pocket!

I know the sushi cakes and pizza bunting can blur the lines a bit, but Things by Bean is a card company. 

I make cards, I give cards, I love cards. I never give a gift without a card to accompany and that's birthday best practice across the board. So, this week I've come up with an easy gift wrapping idea that not only looks cute, but also highlights the present's paper sidekick - the CARD! 

This should only add a couple minutes to the wrapping process but it'll boost your brownie point earnings by about 30%. 

Card Pocket Gift Wrapping Supplies

  • Two types of gift wrapping, one to wrap the present and one to make the pocket
  • Tape and/or decorative coloured tape
  • Scissors
  • A pencil or pen

Card Pocket Gift Wrapping Instructions

1. Wrap your present in one of the papers

2. Set your card (in its envelope) onto the white side of the other paper and draw lines about 1.5cm away from each envelope edge, adding extra touches to make the final pocket whatever shape you want (note: this is where you get creative - you'll see three possible pocket shapes in my photos, but you can do whatever you want)

3. Cut along the lines and fold the edges of your paper over to create a nice clean edge

4. Make sure it's the right size of your card by holding it against the envelope and if it is, tape it to your present!

Things by Bean Card Because Birthday

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