Free Desktop Background: Broccolini

Some people say the stalks are the best part. I am not one of those people. 

I love me a good bushy head of broccoli. But every time I have broccolini, I find myself feeling bored as I work my way through all that gosh-dang green stalk. 

This graphic really hit home when I posted it on Instagram, so I thought my fellow broccolini-avoiders might like to have it as a desktop background on their computer. 

Rival pro-broccolini backgrounds welcome. 

How to get it:

1. Click through to the high-res, desktop-sized file via the button below
2. Right click on the image to save it
3. Go to the file (wherever you saved it), right click on it and select 'set as desktop background'

Things by Bean Broccolini Desktop Background

Things by Bean Birthday Broccoli Card

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