DIY Tiny Apple-a-Day Banner for Your Workspace (or Colleague Gift!)

Research shows that your work environment has a huge impact not only on how productive you are, but also your emotional state while you're at work. 

I'm a big fan of indoor plants on the desk and office decorations that make you feel happy. And I recently made a teeny tiny addition to my office decor - a mini Apple-a-Day banner! 

If you're looking to snazz up your workspace, this is your DIY craft project for the weekend. It'll only take about 15 minutes! And if you have extra supplies and time, I highly recommend making one for your best work pal, too! 

Get the PDF of instructions and patterns here:

Things by Bean Blog Apple Banner

Tiny Apple-a-Day Banner Supplies

-1 sheet yellow felt

-1 sheet blue felt

-1 sheet red felt

-1 sheet green felt

-15cm string

-about 80cm embroidery thread (I used red) and a needle with an eye big enough to thread the embroidery thread through

-wooden skewer (the kind you use for prawn skewers/chicken skewers, etc)

-fabric glue or hot glue gun

Tiny Apple-a-Day Banner Instructions

-print out the patterns on page two and cut them out

-pin them onto your sheets of felt or just trace around them with a pencil, gel pen or thin marker

-cut out your felt shapes

-Place the two banner shapes one on top of the other and stitch around the outside (I did a loop stitch). NOTE: Near the top of the banner, leave a little bit of extra space between two of the stitches - that's where you'll push your wooden skewer through

-Heat up your hot glue gun and glue your apple and words to the banner

-Cut the wooden skewer to 8cm and push it through the little gap you left between two stiches thread it between the two banner layers and out the other side

-Tie the string to each end of the skewer and cut off the excess string from the knot

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