Awesome DIY Envelopes (Pattern + Instructions)

Sure, regular envelopes get the job done. They contain their contents quite well, no one's denying that! 

But sometimes you want to take things up a notch. And these DIY envelopes are decidedly next-notch. 

Using my envelope pattern and a few basic household supplies, you can make your own envelopes out of anything! Cereal boxes, newspaper, wrapping paper, old *NSYNC posters. 

Get the pretty PDF of instructions and patterns here:

Things by Bean DIY Envelopes Pattern

Things by Bean DIY Envelopes

what you need:

-A4 paper or fabric with pattern you like

-tape or hot glue gun



-print pattern from page two

-cut out the full shape

-place pattern on your pretty patterned paper and trace around it with a pen

-cut out where you traced and check the dotted lines on the pattern to see

where to fold

-for lightweight papers, use tape to secure OR for cardboards and fabrics, use

hot glue to secure

Things by Bean Very Well Done Card

Things by Bean Blog Gift DIY

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