4 Simple and Sneaky April Fool’s Day Pranks

If you’ve got the time and the inclination, I fully encourage you to go big with your April Fool’s Day pranking. 

But if you don’t have the time to plan anything elaborate, you can still surprise, shock and confuse your friends with minimal planning – all you need is this list of 4 Simple and Sneaky April Fool’s Day Pranks! 

1. The Ol’ Phone Background Trick (gets 'em every time)

Change your phone background to a photo of a huge mountain (i.e. Everest). When someone asks you about it, say you climbed it three years ago. Climbed right to the very top. This is a pretty good year-round trick, so feel free to keep the photo up to keep the trickery going.

2. The Ol’ Fake Winner Trick (gets 'em every time)

Shoot a text to a good friend, sibling, parent or partner and tell them that you won a Macbook in a giveaway. No need to string them along – you can oust yourself right after you receive their excited reply.

3. The Ol’ Egg Trick (gets 'em every time)

April Fool’s Day falls on Easter this year, so you should incorporate eggs into at least one of your pranks. To pull of the Ol’ Egg Trick, hard-boil an egg then place it back into the egg carton. On April Fool’s morning, offer to make your partner or housemate eggs for breakfast. Be sure they’re watching when you take an egg (THE egg) out of the carton, pretend to stub your toe, get really fake-angry and throw the egg against the nearest surface out of fake-rage. They’ll be expecting a big splat and huge mess, but there’ll only be a few shell shards to deal with!

4. The Ol’ Mouse Blocker Trick (gets 'em every time)

Find a wonderful photo of yourself or one of your heroes, cut it out and tape it to the bottom side of a colleague, housemate or partner’s computer mouse so it blocks the sensor. Next time they go to use it, it will be unresponsive and they’ll inevitably turn it over to investigate. There you or Barack Obama will be, waiting for them!

(fox photo credit: TES)

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