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Sticker Print-Out: Ho Ho Homemade Christmas Baked Goods Sticker

If you go to all the trouble of baking Christmas cookies for your mates, you darn well better make sure they know the goods were lovingly handmade! Not only will this sticker get the job done, it'll make people think about Santa Claus' laugh which is a great thing to think about around Christmas. You can buy sticker sheets to use in your own printer or you can upload this design and orde…

Awesome DIY Envelopes (Pattern + Instructions)

Sure, regular envelopes get the job done. They contain their contents quite well, no one's denying that! But sometimes you want to take things up a notch. And these DIY envelopes are decidedly next-notch. Using my envelope pattern and a few basic household supplies, you can make your own envelopes out of anything! Cereal boxes, newspaper, wrapping paper, old *NSYNC posters. Get the…

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Truffles

What's Halloween without treats? It's nothing but a big ol' steaming pile of tricks! Not only do these teeny pumpkin truffles look like pumpkins, they also taste like pumpkins. They're dang delicious and easy to make - all you need is a packet of cookies, some pumpkin puree, cream cheese, white chocolate and spices. I've included a video of the pumpkin transformation process below (…

Spooky Graveyard Halloween Brownies

Most people don't realise how innately spooky brownies are. I mean, they look like dirt. And you know what people do with dirt? They bury people in it! That's very, very spooky. So, for this Halloween-themed month on the Things by Bean blog, I've come up with these Spooky Graveyard Halloween brownies. They're fudgy brownies topped with crunchy coconut whipped frosting and teeny-tiny grav…