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Cookie Pizzas

Awhile back, I came up with a weirdly realistic-looking pizza cake. I still think that's your best bet for a pizza-loving pal's birthday, but it's also a pretty involved recipe. For an easier baking sesh, you can whip up these party pizzas with cookie bases and sweet toppings! The base can be whatever your favourite cookie is. I had a hard time deciding between peanut butter cookie…

Good Eggs Only DIY Easter Banner

Wanting to have good eggs around is truly a year-round thing, but it becomes especially important and relevant around Easter time. Whether you're throwing a party or want to give your walls to festive personality, the GOOD EGGS ONLY banner will do the trick. It's quick, easy and very cute!Get the full instructions and all the patterns here:Good Eggs Only Bannerwhat you need:-3-4 sheets of fel…

Cream Eggs and Soldiers Lookalike Easter Treat (+ DIY plastic Easter egg cup!)

If you can find, deep inside yourself, the strength to wait a couple minutes before scarfing down your Cadbury Creme Eggs this Easter season -- I've got the recipe that's worth the wait. I think egg and soldiers is the cutest breakfast and figured it would make a pretty cute dessert, too. This treat is very easy to put together and will make people squeal with delight! All you need is Ca…

Laming-funs (Twist on the Classic Aussie Lamington!)

Sticklers for dessert tradition might not appreciate this twist on a true-blue Aussie treat. But people that like SPRINKLES and CRUSHED M&Ms and BRIGHT COLOURS will quite enjoy what I've done with the Lamington. I'll admit -- there's nothing quite like the good old-fashioned coconut coating, but throwing in a few fun alternative makes for an eye-popping treat plate! Laming-funs…