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Easy Halloween Pumpkin Truffles

What's Halloween without treats? It's nothing but a big ol' steaming pile of tricks! Not only do these teeny pumpkin truffles look like pumpkins, they also taste like pumpkins. They're dang delicious and easy to make - all you need is a packet of cookies, some pumpkin puree, cream cheese, white chocolate and spices. I've included a video of the pumpkin transformation process below (…

Spooky Graveyard Halloween Brownies

Most people don't realise how innately spooky brownies are. I mean, they look like dirt. And you know what people do with dirt? They bury people in it! That's very, very spooky. So, for this Halloween-themed month on the Things by Bean blog, I've come up with these Spooky Graveyard Halloween brownies. They're fudgy brownies topped with crunchy coconut whipped frosting and teeny-tiny grav…

Quick Creepy Halloween Cake Stand with Doll Arms and Legs

To make this creepy DIY Halloween cake stand, you will have to dismember a baby doll.But Halloween is the one time of year that you can do creepy things without judgement! Creepy cakes, creepy crafts, creepy costumes, all kinds of creepy behaviour! A few years ago on Halloween, I went to the grocery store with plastic cockroaches glued all over my face! Another year, I went to the mall with a…

Free HALLOWEEN Desktop Background: Spooky Burger Graveyard

Imagine if all the burgers you'd eaten in your life came back to haunt you. It would be a mess of apocalyptic proportions! But potentially not as deadly as a resurrection of past pizza feasts. Burgers have nice soft edges but slices of pizza are pointy! It's Halloween month and I'm all kind of excited, so I thought I'd kick the month off with a blood-curdling interpretation of what a zom…