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Spooky Graveyard Halloween Brownies

Most people don't realise how innately spooky brownies are. I mean, they look like dirt. And you know what people do with dirt? They bury people in it! That's very, very spooky. So, for this Halloween-themed month on the Things by Bean blog, I've come up with these Spooky Graveyard Halloween brownies. They're fudgy brownies topped with crunchy coconut whipped frosting and teeny-tiny grav…

Quick Creepy Halloween Cake Stand with Doll Arms and Legs

To make this creepy DIY Halloween cake stand, you will have to dismember a baby doll.But Halloween is the one time of year that you can do creepy things without judgement! Creepy cakes, creepy crafts, creepy costumes, all kinds of creepy behaviour! A few years ago on Halloween, I went to the grocery store with plastic cockroaches glued all over my face! Another year, I went to the mall with a…

Free HALLOWEEN Desktop Background: Spooky Burger Graveyard

Imagine if all the burgers you'd eaten in your life came back to haunt you. It would be a mess of apocalyptic proportions! But potentially not as deadly as a resurrection of past pizza feasts. Burgers have nice soft edges but slices of pizza are pointy! It's Halloween month and I'm all kind of excited, so I thought I'd kick the month off with a blood-curdling interpretation of what a zom…

Fried Egg on Toast Cake

Another day, another way to work lookalike fried eggs into your life. This dessert idea is perfect for breakfast themed parties (people have those, right?), self-proclaimed egg lovers or anyone who like to surprise and delight with their baking. The "toast" is just slices of my very easy Bean's Best White Cake and the fried egg is made of white chocolate ganache and apricot. You'll…