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Easy DIY Participation Ribbons Party Favours

Sometimes your best isn't good enough but you shouldn't feel all bad about it.These extremely easy participation ribbons will make everyone feel great when you host your next pancake olympics or whatever it is you do to keep the spirit of competition alive amongst your friends.Get a PDF of the full instructions and patterns here:DIY Participation Ribbon Party Favor Supplies sheets of felt in what…

Campsite Tent Cake with Tiny Campfire

Finally, a cake for the teeny-tiny sweet-toothed campers of the world to sleep in.Make this cake for a friend who loves to camp, a buddy who adores dioramas or ironically present it to a pal who hates the great outdoors.It's time-consuming and there are a lot of steps, but all of my cakes are technically very easy. You don't need to have pro cake-making skills; just a couple hours and heaps of ent…