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Cream Eggs and Soldiers Lookalike Easter Treat (+ DIY plastic Easter egg cup!)

If you can find, deep inside yourself, the strength to wait a couple minutes before scarfing down your Cadbury Creme Eggs this Easter season -- I've got the recipe that's worth the wait. I think egg and soldiers is the cutest breakfast and figured it would make a pretty cute dessert, too. This treat is very easy to put together and will make people squeal with delight! All you need is Ca…

Laming-funs (Twist on the Classic Aussie Lamington!)

Sticklers for dessert tradition might not appreciate this twist on a true-blue Aussie treat. But people that like SPRINKLES and CRUSHED M&Ms and BRIGHT COLOURS will quite enjoy what I've done with the Lamington. I'll admit -- there's nothing quite like the good old-fashioned coconut coating, but throwing in a few fun alternative makes for an eye-popping treat plate! Laming-funs…

Sweetheart Sandwich Cookie Recipe

When I was brainstorming about Valentine's Day blog posts, my first thought was a cake that looks like an actual human heart. But that, my friends, is beyond my skill level. I'll try to get a degree in anatomy real quick before next V-day so I won't disappoint you again. Instead, I put together some very cute, very yummy and pretty easy Sweetheart Sandwich Cookies. They're heart-shaped s…

Birthday Cake Balls with Funfetti Frosting Dip

Simple fact of life: People like to dip at parties. It's usually a chip and dip situation but sometimes the dippin' gets unconventional. Like when the host busts out a plate of birthday cake balls with a side of funfetti frosting dip! These are EASY. The only tricky part is getting your hands on a silicon ball tray And by tricky I mean that you have to spend $9.99 at Lincraft. …